Faralay II

Imported from Spain as a three year old, this Qualified, FEI dressage stallion has made his mark in the US, both as a show horse and more importantly, through the significant accomplishments of his sons and daughters.  His offspring are known for their extreme athleticism and charisma, performing well in halter classes and often winning the Best Movement medals at the ANCCE morphology shows.  Dressage riders seek them out for their size, trainability, and correct gaits, especially their excellence in canter.  Faralay has successfully competed in open dressage through the levels to Grand Prix with Angela Ridgway in Sunol, CA.  In 2015, he moved to Wellington, Florida to compete with young rider Chelsea Reed under the supervision of US Olympian Lendon Grey.

Faralay possesses an easy going personality. Underneath his majestic presence, he is curious, playful and never spooky.  He is extremely approachable and welcomes everyone  as a friend. He has no undesirable stallion habits and has been successfully ridden by a teenager. His admirable character is further demonstrated in the dressage arena where he is extremely stable  and focused on his job. He delights in pleasing his rider!

Faralay passes his outstanding character and work ethic to his foals, as well as his powerful, straight, uphill movement, size and substance.    Most are born with a very people-oriented, can-do attitude which makes them so much fun to train and own.

Faralay is a Qualified or Calificado  P.R.E. Stallion. Imported from Spain by Ketcham Ranch, he has competed to Grand Prix dressage. Faralay is standing at stud to approved mares.  
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Pure Spanish Legacy


An important factor in selecting a breeding stallion is their ability to pass along their most desirable qualities. Faralay has a proven record of his  genetic prepotency,  the ability to endow  his offspring with his strength, agility, excellent bone structure and amazing movements. Numerous offspring have winning show records as youngsters and promising futures.

If you are looking for a stallion to bring size, substance, excellent character and trainability to the equation, look no further.  Breeders  seeking a genuine improvement sire are aware of the  prestigious achievement of attaining the ANCCE Qualified status.  Faralay is one of less than 20 Qualified  PRE stallions in the USA.  

Breeding Information

His pedigree reveals his strong Escalera and Guardiola bloodlines: his mother is a granddaughter of Lebrijano III through her sire, Estudiante XII 1983 (also the sire of Olimpico XVII, champion stallion in the U.S. and foundation sire at Camass Andaluz before he was exported to Mexico); Faralay's sire, Ebanisto, a branded Guardiola stallion and a proven dressage performer and show horse himself in Spain and France, carries the blood of Maromo and Educado, two very well known and highly esteemed Guardiola sires. As far as we know, Faralay is the only breeding son of Ebanisto in the United State.

As a young stallion in 2009, Faralay made his halter debut at the largest PRE horse show in the US, Feria del Caballo Espanol, where he won his class of 5 and 6 year old stallions, though he was the youngest horse in the ring. Later that year, he was awarded the prestigious status of "Calificado" or Qualified, by the ANCCE Qualified Tribunal. As of 2015, there are only about 1400 PRE horses(including mares and stallions) which have achieved the rating of Qualified in the world.

Inherited Traits

Faralay frozen semen is proven and currently available; it may be ordered at any time.  For your convenience, it is available on the east and west coasts at these locations:

UC Davis and Pioneer Equine Clinic in California. 

Peterson & Smith, Ocala FL

​Fresh cooled semen is available for the 2018 season.

Stud fee $2500 with LFG. Contact us  for details on booking  your mare!

Faralay II

P.R.E. ANCCE Calificado Qualified Stallion California